The National Navy SEAL Museum is home to one of the most unusual collections of artifacts and exhibits of any Museum. As the only Museum dedicated to the elite warriors on the Navy SEAL teams and their predecessors, our collection is your window into the secret world of Naval Special Warfare.

Mark V SOC

Mark V Special Operations Craft


Maersk Alabama Lifeboat

Navy SEAL Memorial Dedication

Navy SEAL Memorial

MurphycanvassmallOperation REDWINGS

Grenade Launcher

Unique Weaponry


Multi-Purpose Canines

Fast Attack Vehicle

Desert Storm Vehicles

patrol boat riverine

Patrol Boat Riverine

SEAL Delivery Vehicle

SEAL Delivery Vehicles

UDT Frogmen Secure NASA Capsule

Space Program

Scan Eagle

Scan Eagle

Bin Laden Compound


WWII Era Beach Obstacles

Naked Warrior UDT WWII

Naked Warrior

SEAWOLF Helicopter
SEAWOLF Helicopter
Sikorsky UH-60 “Black Hawk”